Metamorphosis of a Fat Kid


Growing up, I was bullied a lot for being a big bonedheftyheavy set, a little husky or any other euphemism for “fat” you can think of. At the age of 9 I found myself hoping, wishing, praying I was just a swan gosling living in a duckling’s world and that puberty would solve everything. I would hatch from that cocoon a new woman with looks, personality, and confidence. 10 years later at 19 years old I still remained that awkward caterpillar.

Weight shouldn’t dictate who you are. I say “shouldn’t” because in my case, growing up overweight influenced my identity quite a bit. Even now I gravitate towards the larger sizes and styles – even though I know they’re too bulky for me. I cover my stomach while at the beach or conceal my body as much as possible in public changing areas – even though I’ve worked hard for my flatter tummy and diminished rolls. In the back of my mind elementary school bullies still linger and their voices still carry. Former fat kid syndrome is something I work through daily and although the confidence issues have improved, sometimes I gaze in that mirror and see my 10 year-old self’s plump, sad face staring back at me.

If you were a former fat kid, I encourage you to reflect on that experience. As much as it’s easier to ignore it, it’s much more important to not forget where you came from. Whether you’re a fitness veteran or just starting out, I bet that your fat kid self is thanking you for taking a step towards self-care and wellness.You might not feel like a butterfly yet, but then again, metamorphosis doesn’t happen overnight. Consistency, work, and a lil’ TLC will have you fluttering in no time.


Left: January 2012. Right: February 2016



3 thoughts on “Metamorphosis of a Fat Kid

  1. rachyt720

    It hurts my heart to read this. I understand what you are saying because I’ve been fat for pretty much all my life. I was “normal” till about the age of 10 and then my weight sky rocketed. I was getting heavier and heavier with each passing year. I cringe when I hear diet because that just makes me think failure right away… but I used to diet all the time, going up and down up and down. I had some health issues come up about 2 years ago and I decided enough is enough. I want to be healthy, I want to feel beautiful. Doctors advised my husband and I against having children bc I could put my life and theirs in danger. That idea made me sick. So its been about two years since Ive made my LIFESTYLE change and I am 101 pounds lighter. I can walk and run and fit into juniors clothing… for me thats mind blowing bc at the age of like 16, I was wearing plus size clothing and now I am in single digits and sometimes I have to shop juniors bc it fits my body better. I am so happy for you and your beautiful transformation. If you have a moment, please check out my blog that I started with my two best friends- all three of us have been friends since elementary school and have battled weight issues together and now we are healthy together.


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